Playing is the key” ISSA conference

Interactive workshop on the ISSA Conference in Leiden , june 19th 2019

‘Playing’ is the Key

Playing is, for young children, a condition to develop themselves well. When parents are provided with sufficientknowledge and skills about ‘playing’, it helps them to stimulate the development of their child and it is also of great valuefor the bonding between the child and his parents. Under the guise of ‘having fun together’, parents at the Jonge Kind Centrum (Young Child Center) playfully learn the importance of playing in the development of their child.

This ‘doing together’ in an environment with other adults, who are in the same phase of their life (being parents of a young child) also provides an excellent opportunity to build up a social network which helps and supports parents to raise their children without engagement from professionals.
Learning from and with each other in a social context has always been a powerful mainstay during the educational parenting period. By reinforcing the social network, it is not necessary to call on a professional in the first place. It prevents dependences and high costs: we think, a win-win situation.

The parent-child programs of the Young Child Center, with its weekly programming, contributes to this. What it looks like, which challenges we had and have to deal with and the experiences of participants of the workshop are what we would like to discuss during this interactive workshop.
The workshop is based on informing and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Interactive workshop on a specific topic Duration: 60 minutes

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Datum - 19/06/2019
Tijd - 15:00 tot 16:00

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